This week in Rapid Prototyping

Hello everyone !

Here’s the first episode of “This week in Rapid Prototyping” 🙂

Last week, Hadeel and I released our first prototype Libra, available online and playable in your browser.

We now have to work on the new brief, and here is what’s asked :

  • Interactive experience
  • Only allowed to manipulate cameras
  • At least 3 types of cameras (Fixed, Tracking, Interactive)
  • 4 emotional states (Active / Positive,  Active / Negative, Passive / Positive, Passive / Negative)
  • Only use the Mouse
  • No visible ground plane
  • Need to have a protagonist which is not a human or an animal
  • This protagonist must die at some point
  • Max of 4 3D assets
  • This prototype is to show our ability to convey affect

I came with the idea “Life is Light”.

“Do you know why we can see stars ?
It’s because somewhere, in the infinity of Space, a star emited a light particle.
this particle traveled millions and millions of kilometres,
seeing things that you’ll never see.

And dies in YOUR eye.”

You embody a light particle emitted by the Sun.
During the travel from the Sun to the Earth, you can read its thoughts.

  • At the beginning, it feels excited about what’s the Life brings to it.
  • Then it feels serein in front of all this infinity.
  • Became sad cause it can’t visit the Space.
  • And angry about its impossibility to change its fate.
  • And then feels appeased, because it came to an observer’s eye that allows him to not have a vain life.


That’s it !
More to come soon 😉


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