Libra | Part one

The first step was to design an economic system.

Basically, an economy work with those elements :
– Sources
– Ressources
– Converters
– Drains

To design this economic system, Hadeel’s and I started to think about a human body.
The human body is composed of a huge economic system : you need to breath, eat and drink in order to stay alive, then your organs convert what you absord into elements that your body need to work, and rejects what it doesn’t need.

With this idea in mind, we pitched a project called “The cycle”
Here are the slides of our presentation :

Feedback on our concept came to a point where we realized that people will not get involved in the game.
Why would you want to keep someone alive if your not involved in his life ?
Why would you play this game ?

The economic system was greenlighted, but the theme of the game was rejected
So we had to rethink the concept in order to make the player more involved into the game.


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