Last Day for Programing Assessment

Hi everyone !

Today is our last day to finish our game for the programing assessment.

I choosed not to work on it for the last 3 days because, as well as I know myself, I would have change a lot of things and maybe broke it x)

Just for you to know, here are the requirements for the assessment :

  • File loading
  • Character movement along three axes.
  • Characters and enemies that can shoot projectiles in at least 3 different spray patterns
  • Collision detection and physics
  • A score or game metric must be kept track of
  • Enemy movement which is pattern based OR AI based
  • An enemy that can track the player
  • Nodes suchas a checkpoint or waypoint
  • A boss encounter
  • A menu front end
  • A HUD
  • Visual Effects
  • Music and sound effects

The game is downloadable through this link (5.76MB) :
Download Windows Version
Download OSX Version
(You’ll need Winrar (Windows) or UnRarX (OSX) to uncompress it)

Hope you’ll enjoy 😉

Now it’s time to jump and stay focus on the group project.
We need to have the first prototype for the end of next week for testing purposes.

Just to give a word on it, it’s a First Person Puzzle Platformer Game (FPPPG x)) made with UDK.
Today, I just finished to modify the Physics Gun Script to make it work as intended in the Game Design Document written during the fist weeks of this trimester (I really thought I couldn’t do it …)
Don’t hesitate to visit Finn’s and Yousef’s blogs (links on the left) who work on this project with me to have informations on this project also =)
Finn is our Art Diretor, Yousef the Game Designer and I’m the Tech Lead.

CU =)


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