Programing Assessment

Hi everyone !

Sorry for the time I take to post new things on the blog, but we have a lot of work to do 😉
For the end of the week, we have to give a Unity Project for the Programming Assessment.

I choosed to develop a Third Person Shooter with a kind of stealth in it and with a Diablo-Like Camera (Top down).
The environment is very dark but my character have a torch-light to find his path.

You always have a handgun, but you can find other weapons such as a shotgun and a minigun with a limited amout of ammo. So use them carefully.

Enemies are patroling around. Their path is randomly chosen when they reach a node.

I’ll put the game on the blog next week, so you’ll all be able to test it 😉

That’s our second project for the programming assessment, I’ll also put the first one quickly 😉

And be sure I don’t forget you 😉
Board game (you can already read Nassib’s blog (link on the left side) to have informations on it and look the previous post I did to see new pictures), more informations about the UDK Multiplayer Map, and also the group project I didn’t mentionned yet … you’ll have a lot of things to read =)


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