Welcome !

Here it is !
Let’s (finally) start this Blog !

First of all, who am I ?
My name is Arnaud BRU. I’m French and 25 years old.
I have a 5 years degree in “Game Design and 3D Real” Time delivered by the “Image Institute of Indian Ocean” (ILOI – Reunion Island).
I choosed to specify myself in Game Development, to learn how it was “behind the scene” of my first passion ever. And I turned into loving the creation process of video games mainly for it’s technical challenge and its huge creative potential.

My main activity is Game Design, but I also love to work in project’s management and progamming.

During my studies, I worked on a project called “Elements” as the Project’s Leader, Game Designer and Programmer in a team of 9 students.
It was an RPG, but was never released 😉
After that, I worked on a bigger project called “Little Geek Adventure”  also as the Project’s Leader, Game Designer and Programmer.
This game participated at the “Independant Game Festival 2011 Student Showcase” and was publicly presented at the Gamers’ Festival of Reunion Island.
This game demo is available for free at http://lga.iloi.fr/

After that, I moved from reunion Island to United Arab Emirates.
I released 2 iOS / Android games by my own in 2011 : “A Maze in Cube” and “Toys Factory”, both available on the App Store in FULL & FREE version and in paid version.
I also realeased a few weeks ago my last iOS game : “Alone in Space” AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON THE APP STORE

At the same time, I applied to the 1st year of the “Ubisoft Gaming Academy” in Abu Dhabi.

I started the courses here since March 25th, and so continue learning a lot of stuff to improve my knoledges of Game Design and Game Development.

And I’ll try to share these knoledges with you, just for your pleasure :p

So, here we go =)


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