Unreal Development Kit

UDK … or “Unreal Development Kit”.
A name that resonnates as an echo for a long time.

I had the opportunity to put my hands on it during my first studies in Reunion Island, but it has lasted only a few days, and only to learn how to imports assets into the game engine.
I never had worked on it … until now !

During the first trimester of the Gaming Academy courses, we were asked to design a Multiplayer Map and to build it in UDK

Here was the main pipeline process :
– Design a paper based prototype of the map.
– Find a theme. I choosed the “Medieval Prison” theme
– Made some researches on that theme to find graphical references.
– Built a first version of that map called “Greybox”. Basically, this is an alpha version, made with boxes, in order to check the metrics ans basic design issues.
– In parallel, organize and manage my time, and start to work on the assets.
– Have feedback from peers about my map design, revising it where it was necessary and go through the iterative process to improve the map.

We had 12 weeks to give a fully designed and built map.

After all this hard work, here is the result !

(You’ll need a copy of UDK, available for free at http://www.unrealengine.com/udk/downloads/)

In a future post, I’ll go further in the explaination of the creation process of this map, and share with you some of the references and paper based designs, as well as some screenshots of the 3D models.
So, see you later !

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