This week in Rapid Prototyping

Hello everyone !

Here’s the first episode of “This week in Rapid Prototyping” 🙂

Last week, Hadeel and I released our first prototype Libra, available online and playable in your browser.

We now have to work on the new brief, and here is what’s asked :

  • Interactive experience
  • Only allowed to manipulate cameras
  • At least 3 types of cameras (Fixed, Tracking, Interactive)
  • 4 emotional states (Active / Positive,  Active / Negative, Passive / Positive, Passive / Negative)
  • Only use the Mouse
  • No visible ground plane
  • Need to have a protagonist which is not a human or an animal
  • This protagonist must die at some point
  • Max of 4 3D assets
  • This prototype is to show our ability to convey affect

I came with the idea “Life is Light”.

“Do you know why we can see stars ?
It’s because somewhere, in the infinity of Space, a star emited a light particle.
this particle traveled millions and millions of kilometres,
seeing things that you’ll never see.

And dies in YOUR eye.”

You embody a light particle emitted by the Sun.
During the travel from the Sun to the Earth, you can read its thoughts.

  • At the beginning, it feels excited about what’s the Life brings to it.
  • Then it feels serein in front of all this infinity.
  • Became sad cause it can’t visit the Space.
  • And angry about its impossibility to change its fate.
  • And then feels appeased, because it came to an observer’s eye that allows him to not have a vain life.


That’s it !
More to come soon 😉


The Elder Scrolls

Hi everyone !

Today I give you my presentation about the Elder Scrolls series done last trimester.

Enjoy 😉


Libra | Part three & First Public ALPHA

Hello everyone !

Hadeel and I have worked really hard this week to show you this FIRST PUBLIC ALPHA version of Libra !


The game isn’t fully featured but the art design and the keyboard interface are all working (use the arrows).

Just to remind what’s the point of this game :
You need to Terraform this planet.
Add “Liquid”, “Nature” or “Geological” elements to the planet in order to keep a good ratio between “Temperature” and “Atmosphere” levels.
Keeping a good ration increase the lifeform viability of the planet.
Reach 100% to succeed.

Next step, add all the economic system =)

The prototype should be ready in time 😉

C U !

Libra | Part two

In order to keep the player involved in the game, Hadeel and I decided to change the theme of the game.

From the Human body, we came to the management of a planet.
You have to keep a balance between Nature and Industry in order to make you population grow.

Here are the slides of the second presentation :

And here is a design of the interface

Greenlight !

And during the presentation, a suggestion was made by Ben (thanks to you) : Terraformation

So with Hadeel, we are now redesigning the game around this concept =)
More to come soon 😉

Libra | Part one

The first step was to design an economic system.

Basically, an economy work with those elements :
– Sources
– Ressources
– Converters
– Drains

To design this economic system, Hadeel’s and I started to think about a human body.
The human body is composed of a huge economic system : you need to breath, eat and drink in order to stay alive, then your organs convert what you absord into elements that your body need to work, and rejects what it doesn’t need.

With this idea in mind, we pitched a project called “The cycle”
Here are the slides of our presentation :

Feedback on our concept came to a point where we realized that people will not get involved in the game.
Why would you want to keep someone alive if your not involved in his life ?
Why would you play this game ?

The economic system was greenlighted, but the theme of the game was rejected
So we had to rethink the concept in order to make the player more involved into the game.

Trimester 3

Let’s start trimester 3 !
This one is dedicated to “Rapid prototyping”.

Rapid prototyping is the ability conceptualize a game and create a fully working prototype as quickly as possible.
We have 2 weeks for each projects, based on a brief given the first day.

For the first project (we have 3 weeks of work for this one), here are the requirements :

  • Persistent
  • Procedurally generated
  • Game economy
  • Single player
  • Scalable difficulty
  • Text or menu based
  • Only use keyboard
  • Random events
  • Serious / Tense feeling
  • 4 colors maximum for everything

Yep, that’s not so easy …

But with Hadeel, my partner on this project, we came to a project : Libra !

More informations soon ! 😉